Hyundai Helps Bowie Area Drivers Roll Into a Brighter Future

By: Pohanka Automotive Group

From recycling bottles and cans to switching to reusable bags and other containers, many individuals around the globe are taking steps to help create a brighter future for the planet. At our Bowie area Hyundai dealership, we know that the vehicle you choose can play a big role in how you impact the environment around you.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq

It likely goes without saying that reducing your fuel usage can go a long way toward minimizing your emissions and reducing the size of your carbon footprint. Fortunately, this has become a more realistic measure for modern motorists thanks in large part to efforts from automakers like Hyundai to create more practical alternatives to traditional vehicles.

One example is the range of new Hyundai hybrid vehicles at our Bowie area showroom. Hyundai is eager to take things to the next level, though, as made evident by the automaker’s ongoing work to create innovative new electric models!

An Exciting Announcement

Prior to the Los Angeles Auto Show, Hyundai made an exciting announcement at AutoConferenceLA. The brand revealed plans to unveil 14 new alternative-fuel vehicles by 2020.

The upcoming additions to Hyundai’s green lineup will include a diverse selection, providing different powertrains to meet the different needs of modern drivers. The upcoming models will include five hybrid vehicles, four plug-in hybrids, four electric vehicles, and one fuel cell vehicle.

New Hyundai vehicles near Bowie

We have plenty to look forward to with so many upcoming reveals, but there’s plenty to hold us over in the meantime; the 2017 Ioniq, set to arrive in showrooms this winter, will offer a hybrid, plug-in, and electric option and constitutes three of the upcoming models.

In keeping with Hyundai’s reputation for providing America’s Best Warranty, it was also revealed that the automaker will provide a lifetime warranty on all batteries in these battery electric, hybrid, and PHEV models.

To learn more about going green with Hyundai, or to schedule a test drive in one of the hybrid models currently in our showroom, don’t hesitate to contact us online or to call the Pohanka Hyundai team at (301) 423-1100 today!

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Hyundai Helps Bowie Area Drivers Roll Into a Brighter Future