Hyundai Helps VA Drivers Take Control in a New Way

By: Pohanka Automotive Group

At our VA Hyundai dealership, our customers have had the opportunity to connect with their vehicles in many different ways thanks to Hyundai Blue Link. The Blue Link system is designed to allow the driver to interact with their Hyundai vehicle in unique ways, with Connected Care, remote access, and even a variety of mobile app functions.

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Now, Blue Link is reaching new heights thanks to collaboration between Hyundai and Amazon. We’re thrilled to announce that Hyundai is the first mainstream automaker to take advantage of Amazon Echo. The newly available Blue Link skill for Amazon Alexa provides a new sense of control for Hyundai drivers!

Convenience is Just a Word Away

The new Blue Link skill for Amazon Alexa is compatible across all Alexa-enabled devices, and functions with any Hyundai vehicle equipped with a second generation Blue Link system.

Once the system is linked, drivers will be able to interact with their vehicle via Alexa from the comfort of their own home. We’re all about providing the service you deserve at our Hyundai dealer in VA, and so is Alexa!

Hyundai Blue Link Amazon Alexa function

This new skill provides the convenience of voice commands for a collection of common functions that drivers might want to perform from indoors. This includes starting the vehicle remotely, setting the cabin to the desired temperature, charging electric and hybrid models, locking and unlocking the doors, and remotely controlling the lights and horn.

As Barry Ratzlaff, Executive Director, digital business planning and connected operations, Hyundai Motor America, says, “Our customers increasingly want more ways to interact with their vehicles, especially when they are hustling to get out the door. Linking smart devices like the Amazon Echo and Apple Watch to vehicles via Blue Link continues to fill that desire. Allowing consumers to send commands to their car is just the beginning.”

To learn more about this innovative industry first, or to schedule a test drive in a new Hyundai featuring Blue Link, don’t hesitate to contact Pohanka Hyundai of Fredericksburg online or to call our team at (800) 764-2652 today!

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Hyundai Helps VA Drivers Take Control in a New Way