Fairfax Area Honda Service Center Helps Drivers Prep for Winter Weather

By: Pohanka Automotive Group

Winter is here at our Fairfax area Honda dealer, which means it’s past time to make sure you’re prepared! Cold weather, frost, ice, and even snow will be doing all they can to interrupt your travel plans, but a bit of preparation can go a long way toward smooth skating this season.

Winter emergency car kit

So, what should you pack to make sure you’re ready? Our experts have some tips!

For Your Passengers

Even a well maintained car can end up stranded when the weather gets extreme. From snow banks to gridlock traffic, unexpected circumstances can leave you stuck on the road. While no one wants to be stuck, some key items can turn this from a nightmare to an inconvenience.

We suggest packing a bag with warm clothing, gloves, and blankets to help everyone stay warm; be sure to put it where you can get to it. Also be sure to have some water and filling, healthy snacks handy. In an emergency, these can play a big role toward keeping you and your passengers happy and healthy.

For Your Vehicle

Of course, avoiding getting stuck is always your best option when possible. We suggest supplementing your usual emergency kit with seasonal extras, including a small shovel to dig yourself out and sand or salt for added traction. Don’t forget boots and gloves!

Honda tire service near Fairfax

While you’re in the trunk, we suggest you double check that your spare tire is in good shape and properly inflated. The team at our Fairfax area Honda service center is happy to check your spare tire and to perform any other seasonal maintenance you might need, too!

At Honda of Chantilly, we offer extended hours seven days a week to make your winter prep easy; no need for an appointment, just bring it in! For more information, or if you prefer to schedule your visit, be sure to contact us online or to call our team directly at (703) 633-2400 today.

Fairfax area Honda service center

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Fairfax Area Honda Service Center Helps Drivers Prep for Winter Weather